Medical Services

Comprehensive Care for Same-day Surgery

Our ambulatory surgery center, housed in The Russell and Angelica Berrie Center for Humanistic Care, features operating suites equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the experienced staff to ensure you have a high-quality, safe experience.  Patients and their loved ones can take comfort that every procedure is in the hands of expertly trained surgical staff, including dedicated pain management specialists, anesthesiologists, and respiratory professionals. In addition, our surgeons are trained in bloodless surgical techniques, which offer an added peace of mind for patients who need to avoid blood and blood products.

Procedures commonly performed in our ambulatory surgery center include: Pediatric surgery (ENT and urology procedures); Orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy; Plastic and reconstructive surgery; General gynecological procedures; Pain management procedures (nerve blocks, injections)

 Services and Amenities

Offering luxury, convenience, and efficiency, the Berrie Center provides the type of ambulatory setting patients have come to expect from an outpatient surgery center. But, unlike independent ambulatory surgery centers, you’ll be reassured knowing that the comprehensive facilities of a full-service, leading medical center are immediately available in the rare event of a complication.

Superior Patient Operating Suites: seven state-of-the-art, full-service operating rooms; plus one special procedures room (for pain management procedures).

Family-Centered Care: loved ones wait for patients in a close-by area and patients and families are re-united as soon as possible after the procedure.

Pediatric Facilities: dedicated pre-surgery and recovery area specially designed for pediatric patients.

Efficiency: ambulatory surgery suites are reserved for same-day surgery patients only (not for hospital inpatients). This allows us to maintain a timely OR
schedule to help patients avoid delays and undue anxiety.

Luxury: well appointed waiting areas offer proximity to Medical Center amenities including the café, gift shop, Family Resource Center and Lounge, and valet parking.

About the Berrie Center

Opened in 2004, The Russell and Angelica Berrie Center for Humanistic Care offers patients state-of-the-art, family-centered care in a nurturing environment. Opened in 2004, the 90,000 square foot outpatient pavilion is currently home to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center’s Ambulatory Surgery Center, The Leslie Simon Cytodiagnosis and Breast Care Center, Radiology, Pre-Admission Testing, and the Infusuion Center.

The Berrie Center was designed to accommodate patient convenience, comfort, and privacy. Patients and their families can easily access the Center through Englewood Hospital’s Main Lobby. Valet parking is available. Amenities accessible within feet of the Berrie Center include the Drapkin Family Café, the gift shop, a Japanese healing garden, and the Family Resource Center and Lounge.

The center was named in dedication to benefactors Russell and Angelica Berrie, whose generous contribution to Englewood Hospital was instrumental to the creation of the pavilion.