Medical Services

(AMI) Advanced Medical Imaging of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

General Information

All of the exam images are stored on a specialized computer network dedicated to a medical image storage called a Picture Archival and Communications System.  Also known as PACS, this system allows our radiologists to interpret your images and collaborate with your physician. It also provides access to our referring physicians to view their patients' exams in their private offices. 

  • In most cases, reports are provided to your physician within 24-48 hours by both fax

    and US postal mail.

  • We are both American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited and our mammography is

    also FDA certified.  All of our radiologists are board certified and sub-specialists in their


  • All of our Women's Imaging, including Mammograms, Breast Ultrasounds and Breast

    MRIs, is read by Sub-Specialists in Breast Imaging.

  • WI-FI friendly office.