Medical Services

(AMI) Advanced Medical Imaging of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

How to Schedule an Exam

•Please call 201-262-0001 and listen carefully to the prompts. Have your doctor's prescription and your insurance card available when you call.

•While making your appointment our schedulers will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with whatever preparation you need to follow.

Guidelines for All Exams

•Notify your physician and our staff if there is any chance that you may be pregnant or are currently breastfeeding.

•Discuss any special needs – such as dietary and/or physical limitations with us in advance.

•Check with us in advance about recovery time or if a driver is needed so you can make necessary arrangements with work and family.

•Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing; be prepared to change into a patient gown if necessary.

•Arrive 15 minutes early to verify your registration information and provide further health information for your exam.

•Bring prior x-rays or scans with you to the exam if you are instructed to do so.