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Breast Care Center: Diagnostic Mammograms

A Diagnostic Mammogram is technically the same radiologic procedure as a Screening Mammogram. The main difference is that this procedure focuses on the signs or symptoms of breast disease – including pain, nipple discharge, masses or lumps, etc.; a personal history of breast cancer, endometrial cancer of unknown origin; or breast implants/augmentation that were presented in the Screening Mammogram or other doctor visits.

If you need a Diagnostic Mammogram, you will receive a phone call from The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center within a few days of your Screening Mammogram and your procedure will be scheduled in a timely fashion. Since most often the findings are ultimately proven to be benign, this phone call should not be a reason for concern.

If you are scheduled for a Diagnostic Mammography, our Board Certified Radiologist will review the images while you wait, and provide you with your results before you leave.

If further evaluation is needed, Fine Needle Biopsies and/or Ultrasound may be performed the same day with preliminary results provided by our on-site Board Certified Pathologists. Patients will receive their results before they leave, with the comfort and security of not having to wait for answers.