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Cardiothoracic Surgery Results and Data

Englewood Hospital’s Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery provides the most comprehensive, highest quality, cardiac surgery in the New Jersey/New York metro region. The Department published a Cardiothoracic Surgery Outcomes booklet in 2007 to detail the program's excellence:

Highlights include:

The lowest reported mortality on the most recent statewide reports (0 %), with an overall mortality for coronary artery bypass grafting of 0.68% since the inception of the program.

The ability to perform even the most complicated cardiac procedures without the use of blood or blood products in approximately 80% of our patients.

Ongoing innovation with successful implementation of all proven new procedures and technology, including the use of endografting for thoracic aneurysmal disease; repair of more than 90% of our regurgitant mitral valves; and experience with both major procedures to spare the aortic valve during root aneurysm repair (re-implantation and remodeling).

Download a PDF copy of "Cardiothoracic Surgery Outcomes"