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Our experts at the new Graf Center for Integrative Medicine are reimagining what wellness looks like through a holistic approach, focusing on the mind and body as one. Led by a physician and a holistic coordinator, our center’s team of licensed and/or certified practitioners is available to work closely with your own doctors at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

Safe, Evidence-Based Services

We offer a holistic focus on prevention, recovery, and support in a safe, comfortable environment where patients are an integral part of our care team. Our services—including medically supervised yoga, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, stress management, massage, and more—can help minimize nausea, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Open to All
If you or a loved one is a patient at our hospital, or if you’re simply looking for wellness services, come see what we have to offer.

Services Offered
Our wellness services include massage therapy, acupuncture, stress management, Reiki, nutritional counseling, wellness coaching, yoga for all levels,
and many educational events. A fee schedule is
available on request.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is increasingly used to complement conventional medical treatment for a variety of conditions. It’s been shown to decrease anxiety and stress, reduce muscle and nerve pain, and help relieve headaches and insomnia. Make an appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists to learn how this treatment might benefit you.


Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles placed at strategic “energy” points on your body. It can relieve chemotherapy-related or surgery-related nausea and vomiting, headaches, neck and back pain, arthritis, and other discomforts. Our licensed acupuncture provider will assess you and customize your treatment to meet your needs.

Stress Management
At the foundation of mind body techniques, breathing is the key to balancing the nervous system. Studies show that diaphragmatic breathing lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves mood and immune function. Stress management workshops are available to teach you how to relax and find empowerment within yourself.

Reiki is a Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing through a gentle laying of hands.

Nutritional Counseling
Our registered dietitian and holistic nutritionist are available to help you learn how a healthy diet can support you during treatment for cancer or other conditions. If you’re not in treatment, we can evaluate your diet and work with you to eat in ways that support your health and energy.

Wellness Coaching
What’s most important to you? What is your vision of where you want to be, and how will your life improve when you get there? What are your obstacles and strengths? Let our Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach® help you answer those questions. Your coach is available for one-on-one consultations to help you learn what you can do to feel better, figure out your goals, and begin your journey to wellness.

The word yoga means “union.” Designed for all levels, our yoga classes unite body, mind, and spirit through gentle poses, breathing, and imagery. Our offerings include classes specifically for people with cancer or heart disease, as well as for caregivers. Come practice with us and learn how yoga can help you relax, refocus, and reconnect.
See current schedule of yoga classes.

Educational Workshops and Seminars
We’ll be offering educational wellness workshops at the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine. Visit our website to see what events will be coming up.

Wellness Products
In addition to services, we have a variety of products to support your journey to wellness and enhance your lifestyle, conveniently available for purchase in our boutique.

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