Medical Services

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Advanced Life Support

The paramedics of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center EMS provide 9-1-1 Advanced Life Support services to North Eastern Bergen County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We staff up to three ALS units that supplement and support local Basic Life Support Units. Where permitted by state guidelines, our ALS units are capable of performing all of the functions of a BLS unit, including patient transport.

All of our units are staffed by two certified Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Our paramedics are trained in numerous advanced skills once reserved for in hospital care. Our paramedics utilize standing orders and board certified emergency physicians for medical control and consultation.

All of our paramedics must maintain certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Pre-hospital or International Trauma Life Support and CPR. In addition, they are all trained in Incident Command and Incident Management Systems, local, state, and federal response plans, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hazardous Materials Response, Mass Casualty Triage and Treatment.

ALS Units are dispatched by the Mobile Intensive Care Communication Center (MICCOM). The communications center is equipped with a state of the art Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) with the capability of providing System Status Management (SSM) using Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and Live Routing Software to ensure the closest unit is dispatched.  The communications staff is trained as Advanced Medical Dispatchers, which exceeds the standards set forth in New Jersey.  Our state of the art protocol system enables the call to be assigned a priority to ensure the proper response and increase the safety of the responders and the public.