Medical Services

EMS/Ambulance Services - 201-894-3462

If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

As community health responders, Englewood Hospital’s EMS staff is actively involved in the health of our neighbors. Our goal is to provide the community with the means to lead healthier lives as well as vital medical care when emergencies strike.

Our EMS staff provide a key point of contact between the hospital and its surrounding communities. Offering a multidisciplinary approach to emergency care, patient transportation, and community education, EMS staff members integrate the hospital’s services directly into neighboring areas.

From basic transport and patient care procedures to specialty response techniques—including hazardous material and natural disaster management—the EMS team at Englewood Hospital has the staff and technology to provide focused emergent care.

The services provided by our EMS team go well beyond ambulance service and basic expectations. From minor incidents to major disasters, our team is prepared and capable of responding in an efficient manner. This level of expertise helps set us apart as one of the leading emergency response centers in our area.

In addition to emergency response, the EMS team at Englewood Hospital provides other essential community services. CPR training courses and participation in local health fairs are only two of the many ways this talented department remains involved. Beyond helping residents of the community improve their health, the EMS team at Englewood Hospital also provides additional training for local healthcare providers.