Medical Services

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Specialty Care Transport Unit

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center’s SCTU is available for all critical or specialty care patient transport needs. Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art electronics, safety, and patient care equipment.

Specialty Care Transport provides highly specialized inter-facility transport services and 9-1-1 scene responses to patients who need care beyond the scope of a paramedic through a transport team approach. The program is designed to provide continuous intensive care to critically ill patients requiring transport from one location to another.

Staffing of the Specialty Care Transport Unit consists of one Mobile Intensive Care Nurse and either one Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic or one Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). The nurse is a highly qualified critical care provider who is state licensed with a minimum of two years ICU or Emergency Department experience.

In addition to our routine critical care transports, last year we partnered with a local Medical Center to provide STAT transports of all STEMI patients from their Emergency Department needing acute intervention.