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TeleHealth Program

Is mom remembering to check her blood pressure? Is dad keeping to his diet and medication schedule? Through technology, Englewood Home Health Services makes keeping an eye on the health status of a loved one as simple as logging on to your home computer.

The telehealth monitoring system electronically connects in-home patients with 24-hour care. It is a small, lightweight device that attaches to a variety of portable health monitors to record vital signs, such as blood glucose and oxygen levels, weight, and blood pressure. These recordings, all taken in the comfort of home, can then be transferred to a secure website where caregivers and family members have access to the data 24-hours a day from any computer with an Internet connection.

The staff at Englewood Home Health Services uses the readings collected by the device to tell whether the patient’s current condition requires a change in treatment or medication. They are alerted immediately when any part of your assessment or vitals show signs of health risks

This technology increases patient's quality of care because it allows more communication between the patient and their home health care providers. The timely monitoring of vital signs and instant alerts by Home Health Services staff and other caregivers, may decrease emergency room visits and instances of re-hospitalization.

For further information, please call 201-894-3333.