Medical Services

VNA of Englewood
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Skilled and Specialized Nursing Care

Our professional nursing staff evaluates each patient’s progress in collaboration with the physician under a written plan of care. Our registered nurses develop nursing care plans to adjust, change or discontinue medications and treatments as ordered by the patient’s physician, monitor vital signs, maintain a plan of care, and educate and supervise home health aides in patient care.

Skilled Nurses Provide:

Wound care

Pain management

Indwelling catheter care

Bowel and bladder training

Diabetes instruction and management

Safe home management

Case management

Ostomy care

Feeding tube management

Oxygen management

Tracheostomy care and management

Pediatric services

Care for ventilator dependent patients

Medication management

On-Call Emergency Nursing Services

Specialized Nurses:

  • Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Certified Wound and Enterstomal Educator

  • Restorative Nursing

  • Psychiatric Nurse

  • Pediatric Nurse