Medical Services

VNA of Englewood
(Home Health, Telehealth + Hospice Care): 201-894-3333

Injection and Other Services

Injection Services
A registered nurse can administer patient’s prescribed medication by injection.

Personal Care Services
A certified home health aide can provide a one-hour personal care service. A professional registered nurse assesses the patient’s needs and home environment. The nurse follows up periodically to ensure satisfaction.

Obtaining Home Health Services through VNA of Englewood

A patient at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center can obtain an in-hospital visit from a home care planner by placing a request with the primary nurse or physician. The planner will then discuss and evaluate eligibility for home health or hospice services with the patient’s physician. The official request for services is then made to Englewood Home Health Services by the planner.

If a patient is in a nursing home or other facility, the physician can order home health or hospice services through the designated home care/social service department within the particular institution.

If a patient is currently at home, he or she should call VNA of Englewood and consult the intake coordinator to discuss the need and eligibility for home care, please call 201-541-2684. Family members can also call on a patient’s behalf. The physician then calls Home Health Services to make a referral for a home evaluation by one of our home health registered nurses.

Additional Programs

  • Pediatric Program

  • Diabetes Counseling

  • Nutritional Services

  • Infusion Therapy

  • Venipuncture

  • Psychiatric Nursing Program

  • Enterostomal Therapist Consult