Medical Services

VNA of Englewood
(Home Health, Telehealth + Hospice Care): 201-894-3333

Social Services and Support Groups

For patients seeking support groups, counseling and/or assistance from community agencies, Englewood Home Health Services can act as a liaison between the patient and his or her community. Social Services can:

Assist in accessing community resources

Assist in long term therapy planning

Counsel and prepare clients and their caregivers for making decisions regarding long term care

Bereavement support services are designed for family members who have lost a relative or loved one three months ago or longer. Our free six week program encourages people to help each other with their grieving process and provides an outlet to individuals seeking ways to cope with their own bereavement.

Caregivers support services are geared for people who administer care to relatives, friends or neighbors. The free program provides caregivers with information, emotional support and the opportunity to share experiences with others in similar situations.