Medical Services

Vascular Services: Umbilical Vein Grafts

Vascular surgery achieved prominence at the Medical Center in the mid 1970's because of the clinical development at this Medical Center of the umbilical vein graft.

Prior to this innovation, amputation was the only option for patients who required vascular reconstruction in the lower extremities but who lacked suitable veins that could be used as a graft. 

Umbilical vein grafts were first employed here in 1975 and their use continues to the present, representing the world's largest experience of almost 1,300 cases.

Renewed interest in biologic grafts for lower extremity revascularization heightens the importance of this activity at the Medical Center.

(Photo: left to right, Dr. Barry Sussman and Dr. Herbert Dardik.) Umbilical vein bypass operation being done for limb salvage in 1979.