Medical Services

Vascular Services: Research & Education

Vascular Fellows & Surgical Residents

Clinical Research: Residents participate in clinical research projects including the evaluation of biologic graft materials, assessments of various adjunctive methods to obtain better graft patency, evaluation of tourniquet control for vascular surgery, drug trials for claudication, studies in cell-saving and acute normovolemic hemodilution and establishing treatment protocols, such as postoperative anticoagulation for lower limb bypass.

The Vascular Clinic: Through participation in this Clinic, Vascular Fellow and Surgical residents expand their clinical caseload and gain a meaningful learning experience that is unique among medical training programs.

Surgical Research Laboratory

An animal research facility is available which a full-time researcher and microvascular specialist supervises. There are several research projects available for participation, and most of this work is performed with microvascular surgical techniques.

Ongoing projects at the Surgical Research Laboratory focus on improved surgical techniques, alternative treatments for vascular disease and new strategies to battle vascular disease and blood vessel disorders. Research findings of the laboratory have been widely published and the facility has received recognition from a number of groups including the North American Chapter of the International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, the Vascular Society of New Jersey, and the New York Regional Vascular Society.

An exciting dimension of the Surgical Research Laboratory is its training program for high school and premedical students, where young people are taught principles of surgical research and have an opportunity to gain firsthand experience.