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For Our Physicians: The Englewood Hospital Office Manager Association

The Englewood Hospital Office Manager Association was established as a forum for staff members of private physicians’ offices to meet, discuss, share and learn together.  Quarterly meetings are held here at the hospital to address current issues and pertinent topics to private offices (i.e.: billing/coding, OSHA, new policies, etc.).

These Office Manager Meetings are beneficial to all Medical Offices with doctors on staff at Englewood. The meetings provide new updates on the hospital, a social forum for networking between offices, and an educational seminar presented by a speaker from a relevant background.  Attendance at these meetings is strongly encouraged as the information provided is current, practical and will only help to enhance your practice.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is pleased to support this Association through the provision of meeting space, refreshments and communications.  If you or your office manager has any topics that you would like to see covered, we are always open for suggestion.

For further information, or to add your name and contact information to the Association, please call the Physician Liaison at (201) 894-3569.