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For Our Physicians: Progress Notes: Clinical Protocols

Changes in Hematology Laboratory Procedures

Changes have occurred in Hematology Lab protocols that should help greatly in processing and efficiency, as well as reducing costs.

Previously, our Hematology Laboratory made and stained smears on every CBC with Differential that was ordered (over 5,000 per month). Less than one third of these CBC’s required a manual slide review. Now, smears will only be made on those CBC’s that are flagged by the instruments or exceed our internal parameters.

If a physician would like to review a particular patient’s slide, he or she can call ext. 3457, as early as possible, to request it. For best results, smears should be made no later than 8 hours after the blood is drawn.

The other change that has occurred is that a Manual Platelet Count will no longer be an orderable test. The platelet counts on our automated hematology instruments are very accurate. Our instruments utilize both impedance and optical technologies for platelet enumeration, and have a very broad linearity range, which we have verified. The laboratory will only perform a manual platelet count when there are instrument platelet flags or our internal parameters are exceeded.

If you have any questions, please call Massoud Kashani, MD at ext. 3424, or the Hematology Lab at ext. 3457.

Requests for Pathology Slides for Outside Review

As of March 15, 2004, we will be charging patients a small service fee for the packaging of slides for outside review. Slides can be picked up from the Pathology Office by the patient (or patient’s family), or the patient can request the slides be sent Fed-Ex. In the latter case, there will also be an additional Fed-Ex charge. The prices will be as follows:

  • Slide request preparation: $10.00

  • Fed-Ex Priority (next business AM) $25.75

  • Fed-Ex 2nd Day $18.00

When a patient phones in a request, a credit card number will be requested. The slides will not be released until the card is cleared.

Also, please have your patient call at least 24 hours ahead of requested pick-up day so we can have the material ready. The direct number is (201) 894-3420.