Patients & Visitors

Communication & Information

To be informed of the names and functions of all physicians and other healthcare professionals who are providing direct care to the patient. These people shall identify themselves by introduction and by wearing a name tag;

To receive, as soon as possible, the services of a translator or interpreter to facilitate communication between the patient and the hospital’s healthcare personnel;

To receive from the patient’s physician(s) – in terms the patient understands – an explanation of his or her complete medical condition, recommended treatment, treatment risk(s), expected results and reasonable medical alternatives. If this information would be detrimental to the patient’s health, or if the patient is not capable of understanding the information, the explanation shall be provided to his or her healthcare proxy, guardian or next of kin and documented in the patient’s medical record;

To be informed of the Medical Center’s policies and procedures regarding life-saving methods and the use or withdrawal of life-support mechanisms. Such policies and procedures shall be made available promptly in written format to the patient, his or her family or guardian, and to the public, upon request;

To be advised in writing of the hospital rules and regulations that apply to the conduct of patients and visitors.