Patients & Visitors

Privacy & Confidentiality

To have physical privacy during medical treatment and personal hygiene functions, such as bathing and using the toilet, unless the patient needs assistance for his or her own safety. The patient’s privacy shall also be respected during other healthcare procedures and when Medical Center personnel are discussing the patient;

To have access to individual storage space in the patient’s room for the patient’s private use. If the patient is unable to assume responsibility for his or her personal items, there shall be a system in place to safeguard the patient’s personal property until the patient or next of kin is able to assume responsibility for these items;

To confidential treatment of information about the patient. Information in the patient’s records shall not be released to anyone outside the Medical Center without the patient’s approval, unless another healthcare facility to which the patient was transferred requires the information, or unless the release of the information is required and permitted by law, a third-party payment contract, a medical peer review or the New Jersey State Department of Health. The Medical Center may release data about the patient for studies containing aggregated statistics when the patient’s identity is masked.